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Running these services for Xbox gamers is our passion. We love Xbox and its community and Xbox DVR is our way of giving back and providing improved features and functionality. These services also have several costs, both physical and time consuming. We now have upwards of 10+ powerful servers and countless hours of development. While we do have some ads on the site, we know everyone hates ads and our goal is to one day be fully supported by Pro Supporters with no reliance on ad revenue.

Checkmark Help support our growing server and development costs
Checkmark Remove ads and speed up page loads by as much as 80%
Checkmark Manage your Xbox DVR content
Checkmark Setup auto YouTube uploads of your content
Checkmark Coming Soon - Integrate with Twitter and Facebook to auto-post your content
Checkmark Coming Soon - Customize your dashboard with your other gaming accounts (Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, etc)
Checkmark Multi-Gamer view up to 8 gamers at a time
Checkmark Add multiple captions per video
Checkmark Get featured randomly on Twitter and featured sections of Xbox DVR
Checkmark Gain entry into exclusive giveaways and contests
Checkmark Create custom titles and descriptions for your game clips and screenshots
Checkmark Automatically delete auto recorded clips (GTA5, Battlefield, Madden)*
Checkmark More features and improvements to come!

Refund Policy

This is a recurring subscription service and as such there are no refunds for partial months. If you cancel after signing up, your membership will continue until its expiration date.

  • If you cancel your plan, your renewal will be turned off at the end of your current period and you will not receive any further charges. Your Pro features will continue until the end of your current time interval.
  • No refunds will be automatically issued for remaining timeframes within your subscription. Refunds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis if you are unsatisfied with your services or have other circumstances to resolve. Please contact support@xboxdvr.com to start a refund request.
  • No refunds will be issued for outages or downtimes in XboxDVR.com's services unless downtime reaches a period of 15 consecutive days or longer. In the event of extended loss of service, XboxDVR.com will automatically issue pro-rated refunds to all subscribers for the inconvenience.
  • In the event that XboxDVR.com's services become permanently unavailable due to a closure of the business, refunds will be issued to all subscribers, pro-rated to their remaining time balances.
  • *Content that expired from Microsoft/Xbox Live servers cannot be restored. Content deleted from XboxDVR.com is not permanently removed from Microsoft servers. It is only removed from our site and can be easily restored if you wish to view again later.

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